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Valerie Morris

Valerie Morris is a student at Paier College of Art in Bridgeport, CT. She is finishing up her Bachelors of Fine Art in Interior Design with an expected graduation date of April 2024. Before attending Paier College she received her Associates Degrees in Interior Design and Architectural Engineering Technology from Norwalk Community College. She hopes to continue her education into a Masters program for Sustainable Design in Architecture.
During her schooling, Valerie has worked at Granite & Kitchen Studio as a Junior Cabinet Designer. She has learned a great deal about kitchens and is ready to expand her knowledge base into other aspects of Interior Design.

Chad Greenle
Paier College of Art Program Chair
Yale University Masters in Architecture 2017
The Ohio State University Bachelors in Architectural Science 2014

Valerie consistently showed excellent performance and continued growth throughout the semester. Valerie’s effort went beyond the requirement and expectation of the course. Valerie’s very skilled performance using digital modeling tools helped her performance through the semester. One of Valerie's greatest strengths is her conviction as a designer, she firmly believes in her design decisions and is able to move swiftly through projects in a linear fashion. Valerie’s ability to understand spatial concepts and complex design problems is beyond her current training and positions her as a top caliber student in the Interior Design Program at Paier College of Art.